*2013 Biscuit Pant Black/Royal*

** The 2013 model of the "Classic" Pant is now on SALE**

The Black 
Biscuit "Classic" Pant is a roller hockey icon!  There is some dispute as to whether this was the first roller hockey pant on the market but there is no dispute that it was the best! This original Biscuit pant has a roomy design and is constructed using heavy duty nylon flight satin with "Biscuit Cloth" panels over the lower portion of the legs.  An elastic waist band and cinch belt secure this pant in any fall.  We've updated and improved it by adding mesh panels to the back of the legs for increased ventilation.  Classic, because of its original styling and "over-construction".  The Black Biscuit "Classic" is the pant all other roller hockey pants aspire to be!  Proudly **Made in the USA**


Sizing Chart for Black Biscuit "Classic: Pants

Pant Size        Approx Height         Waist        
Jr Small            3'9" - 4'1"               22"-28"             
Jr Medium       4'2" - 4'7"               24"-30"
Jr Large            4'8" - 5'1"               26"-32"
Sr Small            5'2" - 5'5"               28"-34"
Sr Medium       5'6" - 5'9"               31"-37"
Sr Large           5'10" - 6'2"             34"-40"


Black Biscuit


$49.99 inc. tax

Customer Reviews

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AMAZING 5 product stars
"I had these pants a few years back and they are exactly the same. I absolutely love my new pro pants and am going to share this site and show off my pants to both my team and the league. Welcome back Biscuit Craig missed ya.Craig Stickley - South Florida" Craig Stickley - 04/05/2013
Inline Pants 5 product stars
"I just received my new pair of Black Biscuit Pants. These are awesome! They look great and are very comfortable to wear. I'm going to buy another pair to wear to school." Jack Grengs - 04/04/2013

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