Sublimation FAQs

Sublimation is a method of printing graphics onto apparel and other items. A specialized printer is used to arrange the dye onto transfer paper at a resolution of 720 dpi. The transfer is then applied to the garment by using heat and pressure to turn the dye into a gas, where it permanently bonds to the polyester molecules in the fabric. The result is a high definition image permanently encapsulated in the fibers.

Computer generated graphics means you can include as many images and colors as you like at no extra cost. Once printed the graphic will never peel, crack, fade, or bleed.  There is no texture to the ink and the fabric remains breathable, so our printing provides maximum comfort.  Also, with sublimation we are able to offer no minimums on reorders. There is a small upcharge for reorders under 6 pieces.  Contact us for reorder pricing.