Our Story

The Black Biscuit Story

The Early Years

It all began back in 1994 when three apparel junkies, one of who played hockey, started a clothing company for the sport of hockey….well inline hockey because we were based in Southern California where inline skating was king and since the arrival of Wayne Gretzky hockey had become all the rage.   Other then replica jerseys and the occasional equipment manufactures shirts & hats, the hockey fans didn’t have a lot of apparel options. Our goal was simple:Build an apparel brand for hockey.

Early on we figured out if we wanted hockey players and fans to sport our gear off the rink we had to have our product being worn on the rink. With that in mind we began making uniforms for inline hockey. Our experience selling to other sports markets in the past told us we needed the lightest jerseys and the most durable pants. We then started introducing off ice apparel. From Tees and Hats to hoodies and Jackets. We worked with some of the finest artists and designers in LA.

We introduced tag lines includingMADE FOR MISCONDUCT, GENUINE HOCKEY OUTFITTERS, & TEAM APPAREL FOR THE POND AND BEYOND. We also introduced our company spokesperson and mascotSammy Biscuit.  Within a few years we were sponsoring multiple events, working with the NHL, and our product was being sold through multiple retail stores and worn coast to coast as well is many international markets. Things were great but as the inline hockey market started to tail off the biscuit partners disbanded and went their separate ways.

Black Biscuit is Back Baby!

In December of 2011, Original Founder and Partner Joe “Papa Biscuit” Zambri passed away. Upon hearing this news, Biscuit Fans and former customers reached out to send their condolences and reminisce about the glory days of Black Biscuit. Many of these former customers strongly encouraged a revival of the brand. So in 2012 Black Biscuit was reborn under the entity Zambri & Son’s, in homage to Papa Joe. The “New & Improved” Black Biscuit reintroduced a line of uniforms and apparel for both the Ice and Inline Hockey markets.

We are now working with multiple teams, schools, youth associations, and our sales have been on the rise every year. We currently sponsor several tournaments, & charities and continually travel throughout the country showcasing our new products and meeting with our Biscuit Fans!!

The Black Biscuit team is busy expanding its branded products and apparel categories. While Black Biscuit will always be rooted in Ice and Inline hockey we do work with other sports including Broomball, Dek Hockey, and Softball . Make sure to visit our online store and ask for Black Biscuit at your favorite sporting goods stores.

Black Biscuit is back on the rise and we look forward to bright future ahead. We are very active on social media so we encourage you to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram & Twitter to make sure you never miss out on all the latest biscuit product and events we will be attending!

If you are interested in working with Black Biscuit on your next uniform project, or offering our products in your store, please contact us at 855-978-6888 or via email at sammy@black-biscuit.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

-The Biscuits